Report of the Google Geo Developer Day in Amsterdam

Yesterday I was at the Google Geo Developer day in Amsterdam. I think it’s the second time Google organizes such an event. The first time was last year preceding the Oreilly’s Where 2.0 conference in the US (btw. why isn’t there such an event in Europe?).

The program looked interesting and I was looking forward meeting other Google Maps developers.

The day started with some keynotes.

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First Amsterdam OpenCoffee

This morning, after I brought one of my kids to school (the other one had to go to the dentist), I drove my bike to the KoffieSalon. This is a place in Amsterdam where you can get a great cup of coffee, but that wasn’t the main reason I was going there. The ‘KoffieSalon’ was the location where the first Amsterdam OpenCoffee Meetup was held.

OpenCoffee is the name of a weekly event where entrepreneurs, investors, bloggers, developers and other web savvies can meet at the same place and at the same time.

It was a good and interesting meeting. 30 people signed up and I think they were all there. The time frame (one hour) is short, so you can’t talk to everybody. But it’s long enough to meet a few new people and have an interesting conversation. And because it’s weekly next time you can talk to the others 🙂

One thing I learned, while talking to others, is that I have to work om my introduction speech about the project(s) I’m working on.

So if you want a good Thursday morning start, meet like minded people, talk about your startup, find people to work with, or just have a nice cup of coffee, sign up for the next meetup!