Google is giving away money…

To Gadget developers that is. A few days ago Google announced Google Gadget Ventures, a pilot project for funding third-party Gadget developers.

The Official Google Blog says Google wants to help developers who want to spend more time developing Gadgets and:

Our hope with Google Gadget Ventures is to help create an ecosystem where developers can spend more time doing what they love—building great Gadgets.

It’s very nice of Google to think about us pour developers, but I don’t think this is the main reason.

Google knows how important the developer community is. Without developers who want to create Gadgets, iGoogle won’t be very popular and people will go to Yahoo, Netvibes or one of the other personalized pages services. I even think there are more Netvibes modules at the moment than there are Google Gadgets. So it’s a very smart move to start awarding developers.

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Boeken kopen per hoofdstuk

Zondag maakte Tim O’Reilly bekend dat je O’Reilly boeken nu ook per hoofdstuk kunt kopen. O’Reilly loop altijd voorop als het gaat om het onderzoeken en creëren van nieuwe kansen om hun boeken te verkopen. Nu dus ook weer.

Om een hoofdstuk te kopen, moet je een boek opzoeken in de catalogus, bijvoorbeeld Information Architecture for the World Wide Web. Op de Table of Contents pagina kan je vervolgens de verschillende hoofdstukken kopen.h3. Kleine stukjes

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Recent Google developments

Just when I didn’t had time to blog, Google decided to announce a series of new developments and features.

It started with the O’Reilly Where 2.0 conference, where Google announced the Google Street View and Mapplets.

The day after Where 2.0, Google had organized a Developer day in 10 cities around the world, where a lot of developer related stuff was launched.

In this post I’m highlighting some of the new stuff I find interesting, like new Google Maps API features, Mapplets and the Mashup Editor.

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