Google geo developer day

Yesterday I got a phone call from Google. The lady on the phone said Google is organizing a Geo developer day in Amsterdam somewhere in march. She asked me to whom she could address the invitation.

After the call I realized I didn’t ask for the precise date, so I guess I have to wait for the invitation. I can’t find any information about this developers day on the web.

The lady said she got my phone number from this website. Probably the Stemlocaties Amsterdam page (Google Maps mashup with all vote locations for the Dutch General Elections) got their attention somehow 🙂

update 1: Today (March 1) I got the invitation, so now I know the date :-). The program looks very interesting, so Google count me in!

update 2: Read my report about the GeoDay

My first Post!

Build a real site for my company, that was on my todo list for a long time. And now it’s finally here! To celebrate this joyful event I’m also starting a weblog as of today.

I never had a weblog before, so I guess I have to find out what I want to write about.

Because this blog is part of the website for my company Million Pieces, most of my writings will be business-related. About the projects I’m working on, the tools I’m using, the programming languages I write my applications in, but also about running an internet business in the Netherlands.

A few other things I’m planning to write about are things I personally love, hate, am worried about, like beautiful code, privacy, copyright, mashups, etc. (You have to keep on reading this blog if you want to find out which of these I love, hate or am worried about ;-)).

Next few days I’ll write a bit more about my company and about this website (how it’s been created).